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MySQL DBA Training Administration Courses Certification For Beginners

MySQL DBA Training and Certification

MySQL DBA Training
MySQL DBA Training

Learn how do we use MySQL DBA Training from beginner level to reach the advanced techniques which is taught by the experienced working professionals. With the MySQL DBA Training  you will learn concepts in the expert level with the practical manner.

MySQL DBA Training

Our MySQL DBA Training aims to teach the beginners and employees. SQL Server Training , one of the popular open-source relational and the transactional database management system (RDBMS) is being trusted. It is used by the various Banking sectors, Health Insurance companies and the several other companies including Insta and Facebook.

Companies with business based on the complex transactions, payroll processes opt for the Mysql. In SQL Server Training,  Mysql Enterprise Version comes with the Oracle Support.

Many  online e-commerce applications use the combination of MariaDB  and MySQL DBA. The product page which change rapidly uses MariaDB which is flexible Data Model. On the other hand, the checkout system that requires complex transactions uses SQL Server like MySQL DBA.

We are the Best in MySQL DBA training online in terms of the syllabus and expert teaching. Apart from the two, we at DBA Training Online also teach various tools such as the Percona tool kit and the other tools that are mandatory for a DBA. The basic concepts of Bash Scripting through which database can be connected and extraordinary scripts could be written.

Basic MySQL DBA Training include:

Basics of RDBMS

ACID PropertiesIsolation of the Levels

MySQL Intro

Architecture of the MySQL(Physical, Logical)

Installation and Configuration:

Installation of the MySQL: Windows, Linux

Working with the mysql objects: (Tables, Views, Stored procedure, Events)

Error handling

Pluggable engines: (MyISAM, InnoDB, Memory, CSV, Federated, Blackhole, Merge)

Working with the MySQL configuration file.


Config file in InnoDB in detail.

Configuring log files which are(slow log, general log)

Users and security, Mysql Backup

Topics Creating Users

Granting and revoking the privileges

Taking the user backup, changing password.

Backup requirement

Physical and the logical backup

Cold and the hot backup

Enabling and the disabling of binary logging

Understanding binary log architecture

Different backup techniques in the mysql (MySQL dump, Full backup, Transactional backup, Percona Xtrabackup)

Restoring the mysql backup, Purging old logs

Mysql and Binlog utility and PITR.

Trouble shooting and Performance Tuning/Optimization for large db’s

General Problems and their resolution,

Connection problems, and understanding the error log.

Performance tuning – Index suggestions

Usage of the HeidiSQL Tool.

Optimization – Optimizing Mysql database.

Replication (Master)

Master-Slave Replication

Master-Master replication

Monitoring and Security

Monitoring availability of MySQL, and different aspects of the MySQL.

Using tools for the monitoring.

Necessary Reporting for the mysql DBA.

Mysql Workbench,Percona Toolkit.

Bash Scripting

Scripting for the monitoring and backup and other DBA cover Basic Scripts.

Looking to learn data Base for Database Training? Pick a course based on your needs.

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