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Amazon Web Service

AWS Training

AWS Training

The AWS Training certification is designed to assist you and Boost Knowledge and in-depth understanding of Amazon Web Services (AWS) architectural principles and services such as IAM, VPC, EC2, EBS and more. The course is organized with the latest exam announced by AWS, and you will learn how to design and scale AWS Cloud implementations with best practices recommended by Amazon. AWS certified solutions architects command Minimum salaries of $129,000 per year, so get started in this exciting field today.


Key Feature of AWS Training

50 hours of in-depth blended learning with certification


16 live demos of AWS services

3 simulation exams (60 questions each)


Lifetime access to self-paced learning

3 real-time Industry projects with integrated labs


24*7 support with dedicated project mentoring sessions

What are the course objectives of AWS Training?


This AWS Training course is Range to the latest exam released by AWS. It will help you learn the Basic key Ideas with the latest trends and best practices for working with the AWS architecture – and become industry-ready. Practice Tasks and three live projects are plans to give you hands-on experience with the AWS management console.
The course Start with a run-through of the AWS platform before diving into its individual elements: IAM, VPC, EC2, EBS, ELB, CDN, S3, EIP, KMS, Route 53, RDS, Glacier, 


What skills should you learn in the AWS training course?


 AWS training course Should make you exam-ready for the AWS Training Solutions Architect Associate certification and will enable you to leverage your skills and expertise involving advanced cloud-based solutions, and migrating existing workloads to the cloud.

What types of jobs Need AWS Solutions Architect certified professionals?


AWS Training Solutions Architect Certified Professionals are required for solving operational issues in an organization and are also responsible for implementing new software for complex deployment, infrastructure, design and troubleshooting of cloud solutions. Cloud Developer, Cloud Software Engineer, AWS Solutions Architect, and DevOps Engineer are examples of jobs that require AWS certification.



DBA Training Center offers an extensive certification training of AWS. This training is given by industrial experts. Students who get enrolled in this training program get to learn all the aspects of AWS such as Elastic Cloud Compute, Simple Storage Service, Auto Scaling, Load Balancing, etc. In the complete training program, you will get the chance to implement the best practices of AWS. 

In the training you will:


  • Learn the systematic approach of designing and organizing the AWS system. 

  • Learn about the cost-evaluation and cost-control mechanisms.

  • Get to know how to balance the elastic load on various EC2 instances

  • Know about identifying the applicable uses of AWS Architecture.

  • Know to determine the right AWS.


Who are applicable to apply for AWS Training?


  • The solution architects or programmers who are looking to build SaaS, PaaS and IaaS applications.

  • All the system administrators and network administrators

  • Graduate students or professionals who want to excel in their knowledge in the cloud computing domain can go for it.


Prerequisites to apply for this training


A person must have a basic knowledge of any of the programming languages.


Why apply for AWS Training and certification?

  • AWS has over 1 million customers from 190 countries – Amazon

  • AWS is as big as its next four competitors combined – Business Insider

  • An AWS Certified Solutions Architect can earn $125,000 – Indeed

AWS has become the largest competitor of all the biggest enterprises in the world. It is no longer considered as an option and hence has gained large popularity. 

Therefore, if anyone completes the AWS certification training program, then he will surely get a huge number of job opportunities with an offer of a handsome salary. We always pay attention to the practical approach so that students can understand better. 

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