Different Backup mode in SQL Server.

Updated: Nov 27, 2020

Different Backup mode in SQL Server. As a DBA you must know how point of time recovery performed?

Answer : Point In-Time recovery means we need to recover data till the specific given time, it depends on which back up types are issued.

We have a database and we are performing full, differential, and transaction log backups.

Due to data corruption we need to recover/restore our database till 3:17 AM.

We have the latest transaction log file available at 3:30 AM.

1. Restore the most recent full backup with the NORECOVERY clause. 2. Restore the most recent differential backup with the NORECOVERY clause. 3. Restore all of the subsequent transaction log backups with the NORECOVERY clause expect the last transaction log backup. 4. Restore the last transaction log backup (3:30 AM) with the RECOVERY clause and a STOPAT (3:17 AM) statement.

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