Create AWS CloudFormation templates for AWS DMS tasks using Microsoft Excel

This blog post talks about a tool that automates creation of AWS CloudFormation templates for AWS Database Migration Service (AWS DMS) tasks. AWS Training. If you are looking for how to create CloudFormation templates for your DMS tasks and don’t have knowledge of CloudFormation, read on. DBA Training. Many times during database migration activities where AWS DMS is involved, you encounter the common task of creating AWS Cloud ( Cloud DBA) Formation templates to provision DMS tasks. Creating AWS Cloud Formation templates requires knowledge of writing Cloud Formation templates in either JSON or YAML.

Good news! You don’t need to know how to write ( Cloud DBA) Cloud Formation templates at all, and still you can create Cloud Formation templates to provision AWS DMS tasks. AWS Training. All you need is some basic knowledge of Microsoft Excel and how to run a Python script using a terminal or command window. DBA Training.