Being A DBA Is Now Easier

The primary work of a Cloud DBA or Database Administrator is to maintain data integrity. Besides which, a database administrator, needs to play roles of a capacity planner, installer, configure, database designer, performance monitor, troubleshooter, security, backup as well as data recoverer. The skills, which are required in a database administrator are inclusive of – sound knowledge of database queries, database theories, database design, RDBMS and structured query language. And a general understanding of distributed computing architecture, operating system, storage technologies, networking, routine maintenance, recovery and handling of failover of a database.

We provide for the best DBA training, from DBA experts. Our courses are inclusive of Cloud Architect, Oracle, Google cloud, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Service, SQL server training, MYSQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, Cloud DBA, and Oracle Cloud. We provide trainings that are most suited to the needs of yours, such as classroom training, corporate training, training on demand, Live virtual classes as well as self study courses, we are highly obliged to introduce our online classes.

Besides providing consultancy for Cloud Architect , Cloud support, we provide consultancy for Database support, Database Maintenance, Database Migration, Database Upgrade, Database Patching and Licensing. We have introduced new modules, which you will find in our website. Contact us online or walk in to our institution for necessary details or queries.

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